Art Shelter Dedication

The other day I had the chance to attend an art shelter dedication at the bus stop on the corner of Vasco Road and Patterson Pass in Livermore.  It was a wonderful tribute to the Granada High School Art Class students and their instructor Laura Thournir and the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District.  The Mayor, John Marchand, a huge supporter of the arts, attended and led the celebrations.

LAVTA has been sponsoring art shelters in Livermore and Pleasanton for 18 years, starting with the shelter located on Bluebell at Sunflower with it’s lovely sunflowers in full bloom.

The theme for the shelter that was dedicated most recently is titled Hop on the Bus.  The artwork follows the style of artist Keith Haring, who was an American artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture.  Personally, I like the style of the art…I can’t help day dreaming a bit when I’m looking at the work.

LAVTA began the bus shelter art program in 1999 to discourage vandalism.  Through the years these murals have embellished our neighborhoods while providing an opportunity for budding young artists to utilize their creative talents.  In addition, each piece offers customers on Wheels a pleasant experience while waiting for the bus.  Click here for a page on our website that features a few more art mural shelters in the Wheels system.



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